2017 Happy Lohri Home Decoration Ideas, House Lightning Tips

2017 Happy Lohri Home Decoration Ideas, House Lightning Tips : every one decorate the our house so we are give you some ideas  Happy Lohri Home Decoration Ideas.  Lohri is a festival connected with the solar year. Generally, it is an accepted fact that this festival is celebrated to worship fire. We know friends you are here in search of the best home decoration ideas for lohri 2017. All of us wants to decorate our homes as much beautiful as we can.The festival assumes greater significance if there has been a happy event in the family during the elapsed year, like the birth of a male child or marriage. The family then plays host to relatives and friends, wherein the eateries take a back seat and merry-making takes over. our team give you best Happy Lohri 2017 House Lightning Tips. The evening is marked by fun and gaiety. Rice gruel and Sarson Ka Saag are the special dishes cooked in every home. A bonfire is lighted at street corners and in happy and blessed homes, Friends, relatives and neighbours are invited to join the celebrations.Women take the lead in singing and dancing. Bazaars are tastefully decorated. Reoris, Chidwas and parched groundnut are much in demand.A week before Lohri, children begin gathering firewood, hunting for logs that will burn well. A spirit of good-natured rivalry binds the community together and every one takes pride in making the biggest and most grand bonfire in their neighborhood.

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2017 Happy Lohri Home Decoration Ideas

happy lohari friends  Lohri 2017 Lightning Tips. Lohri is a typical festival of the Punjab, but it has crossed provincial barriers and gained popularity in Haryana, Himachal and Delhi etc. According to legend, a good Lohri sets the tone for the whole year ahead – the more joyous and bountiful the occasion, the greater will be the peace and prosperity. Some people believed that Holika and Lohri were sisters.

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2017 Happy Lohri Home Decoration Ideas

Happy Lohri 2017

  • Decorate the Lohri Bonfire No Lohri is complete without the ‘fire’ and Canadian Tire has a great fire pits for your Lohri night.
  • Consider style, shape, color, and size when choosing a light fixture as the perfect accessory.
  • Task lighting is important in many places throughout the house, such as for bathroom mirrors and showcasing artwork. Think beyond standard task lighting (track and spot lights), and seek wall sconces that add design character as well as function.
  • Portable lighting or lamps — is a popular element of design in every room.
  • If your decorating style is primarily traditional, look for light fixtures with more ornamentation and complexity in their shape.

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2017 Happy Lohri Home Decoration Ideas, House Lightning Tips

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